November 08, 2011

But Your Hair Is Wet Mommy

It's still cold and dark outside, yet my skin is still red and warm from recent steamy shower.  The only light in the house is from my little bathroom and the news on the TV in the bedroom.  I am almost completely ready for the day.  Make-up done, hair done, clothes picked out in my mind. I decide to try a new style with my hair this morning and am not all that pleased with it.
I hear a door close down the hall.  That means little Miss A will soon appear in my doorway.  A minute later I see a bleary eyed toddler, wincing at the bright bathroom light and covering her eyes with her lovey.  She stumbles across the cold tile and leans in on my legs until I pick her up.  She quickly snuggles in, pulls her legs up and puts her head on my shoulder. I stand quietly for a minute, letting her wake up.  I say 'Good Morning' and whisper that I love her.  She perks up a bit and I set her on the counter while I finish getting dressed. 
Once I am done, ready to go downstairs and start the day I walk over to talk to her at her perch on the counter.  We are eye to eye and her little arms reach to go around my neck once again.  She loosens her grasp a bit and pulls back.  She looks me in the eye and pauses, ten soft little fingers on my cheeks.  Her fingers move to my hair, recently cut shorter and styled curly today as opposed to blown dry straight.  She gently touches the crunchy curls and moves her fingers through exploring.  All the while her eyes are on mine, slightly green, almost grey, always inquisitive.  I pause and am caught in the beauty of the moment.  The little girl who is usually running after a big brother, shreeking to be heard is so still and loving.  I can't believe she is already almost 3 and most likely my last baby.  I ask her if she is ready to get dressed and go start our day.  She replys "but Mommy, yours hairs is still wet"..........

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why you doubt yourself, this is lovely. It's like I'm standing in your kitchen.