November 07, 2011

Working With Style

So here's my first "Working with Style" post.  I recently found the goodness that is Liberating Working Moms.  As long as I've been a Mom, I've been a working Mom.  I work full-time outside of the house.  It is a constant challenge to balance my job and my children.  As my kids get older, the challenges change, but they are certainly still there.  The morning are by far hold the most uncertainty.  A morning can go well and it can, not go well.  We do the same things every morning.  I am generally showered before the kids wake up (hopefully).  This makes things a bit easier.  If a kid gets up early before I am mostly ready, we are off already.  Then it is how the kids wake up.  If I wake them up, bad news, it takes time to get going.  If they wake on their own, things are a bit better.  I am sure this is the same in houses everywhere.  All this to say that my clothes are generally the last thing I think about.  I have never really been one to get into fashion.  In high school, I generally wore jeans (Wrangler, cowboy cut at that) and men's cut t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up.  I have really been trying harder recently when it comes to my clothes.  But then, there is the budget, blah blah blah.       
My job has a casual atmosphere.  I could wear jeans and a t-shirt every day if I felt so inclined.  I like to feel a little bit more professional most days.  I also feel like the more "put together" I look everyday, people notice.  I came from the banking world 3 years ago where it was business dress every day.  I guess old habits die hard.  This should explain the variety of ensembles I wear in a week.   

Top: TJ Maxx
Open Cardigan: Costco
Bottom: Trouser Jean - Gap
Shoes: Target

Top: Ross
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Pants: Grey Slacks - Old Navy
Shoes: Black Pumps - TJ Maxx

So, there you have it.  That's all I've got.  What it really tells me now that I type it all out, is that I don't spend a lot of money on clothes.  Thanks to Liberating Working Moms for the link up.  I am hoping to glean inspiration and fashion tips from you loverly ladies. 

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Tracy said...

Love the red shoes and the gray cardigan! And thanks for linking up. Hope to see you again tomorrow linking up. (-Tracy)