November 05, 2011

FlashBack Friday

OK, so I am a day late, but here goes.

This is Christmas Eve 2008.  Little tiny baby A is not quite 2 weeks old.  As you can see she is not too pleased about it being Christmas.  I am still in my "comfy, not leaving the house" clothes.  But they aren't maternity, so there's that.  W is super excited about the pile of presents behind me.  Our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree is D's solution to saving money on buying a tree.  A friend of a friend went to Oregon and brought back a few trees.  D gave him $20 and brought it home, extremely pleased with himself.  Once it got in the house, it was very evident that it was a bit sparse (to say the least).  We made the best of it, added lights and ornaments and called it Christmas.  I might have been sleep deprived and a new Mother to 2, but I never want to forget our first Christmas as a family of four.

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