November 15, 2011

I Don't Want To Get Out of Bed

6:58 am I'm all ready to head down stairs and there is no peep out of either kids bedroom.  I take a deep breath and head into W's room.  Brown hair is barely visible as the blankets are pulled all the way up.  His room is the absolute coldest in the house.  He has 3 windows and his room is above the garage, no matter what we do, his room is 10 degrees colder than the rest of the upstairs.  I'm sure he is more the warm and snuggly under his blankets.  I gently rub his back and say "good morning buddy, time to start waking up".  Quickly I get a sneer and the covers get pulled over his head.  "I don't want to get out of bed".  I tell him I am going to go make lunches and he can take a few minutes to wake up

7:05 am Head back upstairs to see what progress has been made....nothing.  "W, we really need to get moving, it is getting late" He begins to get upset and starts throwing a fit.  "I don't want to get up.  I can never do it right.  I am going to make us late".  Still not moving to get ready "W, just take a deep breath, get out of bed and put your shirt on"......more blotchy red-faced crying.  I take a deep breath and tell him when he is ready, to come downstairs.

7:15 am W appears in the doorway of the kitchen clutching his blanket.  "I'm sorry for screaming Momma"  I let him know we need to leave and I've gotten him a bag of cereal to take with him in the car.  He starts to get upset again because he wanted a bowl of cereal and to watch a show.  I hug him and let him know we have to leave.

7:28 am I ask W if he wants to call Dad and say hello.  I dial the phone and he talks to his Dad for the minute car ride to school.  Dad asks him if he is having a rough morning, the answer is a sniffly "yes".  A bike ride is promised tonight, I love yous are said and we pull into the school parking lot.  He shuffles his way across campus to the before school program.  I sign him in and he hugs on my leg.  In the next 2 minutes I am standing there, he hugs me 3 more times and gives me the sad eyes.  I hug him tight, tell him to have a good day with his friends and walk out the door.  He is still standing by the cubbies when I walk out, a little apprehensive still to go join the boys already elbow deep in the lego tubs.   

We have had a lot of difficult morning like these lately.  He is almost 6 years old and I don't understand why our morning have to be so hard.  I have been battling the morning routine with him since he was able to put up a fight.  I've tried waking him earlier so he has time to adjust to the idea of getting up.  I've tried talking about our morning plan the night before.  Nothing seems to change the outcome.  My Momma heart hurts leaving him when he is still upset. The guilt of worrying about being late to work when he is so upset that his face is turning red.  It wears on me day after day.  By the time I drop A off at daycare and get to work, I miss him already and hope his mood has changed.

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