November 15, 2011

Working With Style #2

I know this is sorely late, but I am linking up with Liberating the Working Mom for Working with Style.  I love what this website has done to make me feel a little more normal as a mother of 2 working full time outside of the house. 
It seems these photos are getting more embarrassing, if that's even possible.  I only managed to get 2 taken last week.  I am hoping these posts give me a little kickstart in the wardrobe department.  What I have learned from loking at these few pictures is that I need mroe color in my life!  I look down as I sit at my desk and I (again) have a black t-shirt and jeans on.  I get it from my mother, I buy basics that will all go together.  Prudent shopper, yes, boring wardrobe, YES!

Casual Day
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Long Sleeve Tee: Old Navy
Black Puffer Vest: ? Brand - Costco 

Curly Hair Day
Jeans: Trouser Jean - Gap
Long Sleeve Tee: Old Navy
Sweater (vest?): American Eagle Outfitter

This week I am trying a bit harder to be on the ball and get posted on Satuday.  I had a day full of work meeting today, so I was dressed professionally.  I guess my real issue is I need to add a few more versatile items to my wardrobe on little to no money.  Sounds easy, right?!?

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