February 06, 2012

Working with Style {Wear Red Edition}

So I fell off the blogging wagon shortly after I got on.  At this point, I might be more well suited for Twitter. 

Anywho, here I am linking up with those lovely ladies over at Liberating Working Moms for a style post.  It is the Wear Red Edition for Women's heart health.  I am a few days late since Alicia actually had her wear red day last Friday, and it is now Monday.  This cause is near and dear to my heart (not a funny pun, sorry).  My mother had a heart attack almost 3 years ago.  She was just over 60 and went to Curves after work and walked with the ladies on her lunch break.  She had a half a sandwich or salad and veggies in her brown bag daily.  Her and my Dad love to cook.  Most weekends, they can be found in the kitchen as it is one thing they love to do together.  They didn't necessarily cook diet food, but it wasn't always meat and potatoes either.  When we called to inform her workplace what had happened, they clearly said "we wouldn't have thought it to be her".  Who ever does?

The night it all happened, my Mom was home alone.  She thought she had eaten too much and combined with a glass of wine was having some indigestion. This just proves how important education is in the arena of Women's Heart Health.  Women of my mother's generation were taught that heart attacks were a man's problem.  That when sitting still on a quiet evening, pain in your chest and shortness of breath are not too much dinner, that you need to take this seriously.  

So I might be a few days late, but here I am wearing red to show my support of Women's Heart Health.

Red Sweater: Gap Outlet
Black Tank: Tilly's
Black Pants: Old Navy
Scarf: TJ Maxx


Alicia @Life With Ladies said...

You look just lovely:)
(sidebar: have you done something different with your hair lately, I'm loving it...just an observation:)
We've discussed your mom before- what a lucky woman she is. And you're exactly right that her story is proof that more education is needed.

Yana Khai(Tomok_Crazy_Ness) said...

you are so gorgeous with red color.. hope your heart also gorgeous like you.. :) glad to visit u here :)